Saturday, May 5, 2012

May Snow

This morning Pete and I took Zack out for his walk in the pouring rain over the fields, it was blustery and cold but didn't think it was cold enough for this.....we had a spring snow storm move through this afternoon who would have thunk it.
Zack loves to stick his nose in the snow and then snort really loud. It's really funny. He was quite happy to romp in the garden for a while tho but then soon decided it was time to come in for a cookie and a snuggle with fat cat on the couch before dinner.
This is his usual trot up the garden path to the house. LOL


BODIE said...

Must have been the snow left over from what you didn't get this winter!!!

lifewithmydogs said...

That sticking his nose in the ground and snorting sounds like something Dusty would do... :P

marley said...

You are totally trained up for life in da uk my pal. We get wevver changes about every 2 hours.