Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our Trip Away

This past week Pete, Zack and I packed up the car and made the long 10 hour drive through the mountains to Kelowna, BC to visit Pete's family for a couple of days. It is truly a beautiful drive through the mountain passes, although there was quite a bit of snow at the top still.
We saw two moose, elk and a black bear on the way there. Sorry no pictures as we couldn't stop very easily on the highway but it was truly amazing, especially the moose as you don't see them every day. Pete's brother and his family have two dogs, a mixed breed named Jorja who Zacky has met before when he was younger and a new pug, named Sally. I think she has just turned one and this was the first time we got to meet her. Well, here she is.
She is the cutest, pudgiest, roly poly little thing and wiggles just like Zacky. Zack was smitten for sure and they played pretty much non-stop all weekend. Jorja played too but was just as happy to be grandma and watch the litt'luns carry on.
Here is Jorja. She is such a sweet dog too and so well behaved especially off leash and never runs away. She could sure teach Zacky and Sally a few things.
Zack kept stealing Sally's toys and there were occasional tug of wars between them which was hilarious to watch - they were pretty much evenly matched size wise and it was funny listening to Sally's snort, snuffles and I don't know what noises that she made LOL
He also popped our niece's little boy's ball - I warned them that Zack was a serial killer and sure enough another murder took place that night.
Zacky finally pooped out and had a cuddle with his dad.
Time flew by and it was soon time for the long drive home. Zacky got harnessed back into his booster seat and we were off.
Zack travels so well and never makes a peep so it makes the road trip a lot easier. It was a bit rainy when we left which made for some low clouds and wonderful reflections in the lakes as we passed by.
We did see mountain sheep on the way home and I managed to get a quick picture. Zacky woke up to have a nosey as we slowed down to get by - he was quite intrigued but didn't bark.
We got home safely albeit tired although Zack found a second wind and charged round the back garden shaking his wubba kong with all his might. I think he was glad to be home and blaming his wubba kong for being cooped up for 10 hours in the BT TAXI. Sorry for such a long post but thought I would make up for the "lack thereof" this past week or so.


lifewithmydogs said...

That's a good excuse to slack off blogging for a bit. Looks like Zack had great fun!!

Bicontinental Dachshund said...

What a great trip! Fabulous photos, too!

Posie said...

Wowsies!!!!! eet looks liyke yoo guys hadd da bestist tiyme evvir!!!! Da piktyoors arr very prettiful, i fink eet is sooo bizarre dat da wun yoo took owf da trees to da riyght reflecterd in da watter looks almusht IDENTERCAL to da wun I took when I'z wentt to da Caiyrngorrms, look att da fursht sceenik piktyoor afterr me in ma cagey in da carr, da piktyor ees entiyteld "sooo niyce!":

Anywways, yoor pugg laddy furend looks liyke a lott owf funn indeed, n Iz wood havv popperd dat ball too! heehee!

PeeeS, in scotterland, we cawll a "mouse" a "moose", so wheen I red dat yoo had seen a moose I was liyke, soo whot?!?! N thenn mummer hadd to ekshplaiyn! heehee! sooo cooool theiyr bigg antleirs! YEAH!!! heehee!

love n likkers,



BordoggyTerrier said...

I felt I was there with you - those mountains looked so mystical -and what such fun you looked to have had! I travel well too (thought the first few times when I was young, I was sick - but good now) - I read that us Borders are usually good travellers - well we likes to be taken on holiday! - Oooh, and that snow too - lovely to see (though I don't mind rolling in that either, and still come out dry!) - sometimes it's just great to get away isn't it - let's hope for more of that! x

BODIE said...

What a beautiful country. Makes a 10 hour journey worthwhile if thats what you get to look at on the way. Isn't it great having a dog that travels well. Bodie travels well and Goo is ok as long as we are going fast. Otherwise she complains to the driver.