Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Hello fellow bloggers, I apologize with not keeping up with my blog and all of your wonderful awards that have been given to Wiggly Zack. It has been a bit hectic here and we have been away, but I will be checking back to previous blogs and emails we received and getting up-to-date with everything and of course posting about our little getaway with Zack and family.


Posie said...

OOooooh I izz soooooo pleeeeesed dat everyfin is okayz wiv yoo guys n datt we hassnt miffered yoo off orr sumfin heehee! Jusht yoo takey yoor tiyme, dis bloggin is a bigg commitermint, ma mummer is fiyndin owt, so otherr things hass to comm firsht sum o da tymes! heehee! eetz troo! lookin furward to catchin upp when u is reddy n bakk! n too heer awll yoo stories, love n likkers, pdorg xox

BordoggyTerrier said...

Great to hear from you, we are always behind, like the cow's tail as I have said to a few people today, I blame Mummy2Legs for being busy everyday with chores/kids/work - I mean it is not on when I have commitments here in Blogland! - though I tell myself it is just nice to come when I can, not a competition to see who comments where and how often - just as well mind as we don't publish as often as some do, ah well, we will never be famous but we do like to to get to know people rather than just being about for the sake of it - so hopefully see you soon - note to my Mummy2Legs - "get yer finger out girl" x

marley said...

Hi my chums. Is difficult keepin up in dis hectic werld but we dussnt want you worryin. Is just nice to see you when you haz time.