Monday, May 7, 2012

Fishing with Zack (Part 1)

Pete, Zack and I went fishing on Sunday with Pete's friend and had a great day, albeit a bit cold.
It was so picturesque and there was still a lot of snow in the mountains but luckily around Police Lake it was clear even though we had had snow on Saturday.
The sun was shining off and on but it was still very cool on the water and we were all bundled up in winter woolies. I came prepared and Zack wore his warmest winter coat we had under his life vest to keep him warm.
He loved sitting on the big deck of the boat
and next to Pete who was standing on the back deck
I caught Zack sniffing the air quite a bit - it was very comical - I think he was loving all the fresh air or catching the few rays of sun that would pop out from behind the clouds.
It did get cold on and off and Zack snuggled in his blanket at times to keep warm and have a nap. He was so cute.
The fishing was a bit slow but being out in nature makes up for it all. The bald eagles we saw last year were back and nesting in the tree. I will blog more tomorrow about the eagles and getting back to shore tomorrow.

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marley said...

You is very good waitin on the boat like that Zack. Is good to take your blanket for a nap tho I fink. You is lookin good in your orange vesty too. I look forward to seein the next bit of da blog.