Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Enjoying the Warmth

It looks like when it is not snowing it is +30 degrees - talk about extremes and now we have to start planning our walks when it is cooler, either later in the evening or early morning.
Zack definitely loses some "pep" when it is really hot, he prefers to run about on the nice chilly mornings - then he's a spitfire.
This photo made me laugh it looks like he is blowing raspberries LOL
Then Zacky stopped to catch some breeze - I was right there with him - it felt sooooooo good.
One of the houses that backed onto the trail had the most amazing bird house/feeder - can you see the spiral staircase? Amazing. If I was a bird I would think I have won the lottery!!
Not sure if I had one of those at home in my garden the birds would think it was so great as there would be a four legged wiry whiskered thing with large teeth circling round and round at the bottom!!!!.


Posie said...

Furshtly, tha piktyoor owf Zack blowerin raspberries is GRAYTE! heeehee! sekundrly dat birrd howse is jusht amayzin!! Der waz an advert on tv herre a whiyle ago abowt birdies in a hyoooge housey, i wills havv to look fur eet to let yoo see, yooz will laff! heeheee!

Thurdly, ZACKKY DID YOOZ Nutt know dat yoo wun ma satturday swweeties own saturday!?! yoo need to reed da posht n collekt yooz awurd! eetz troo!

love pdorg xoxx

marley said...

I love a nice breeze on a warm day....but we do not seem to get any warm days anymore....just rain *sigh*

BordoggyTerrier said...

It's always great to come and see Zack out enjoying his walks, makes me feel I am there with him!

BODIE said...

Oh we're vicariously enjoying your 30 dogrees. Huddled up in front of our heater here.