Thursday, May 10, 2012

Walking and Phobias

As it is snowing here again today,   it's hard to believe that this past Monday was so beautiful and warm and I went walking with Zack in my shorts and T shirt. I took Zack across the fields and then started along the dirt trails that meander along the top of the coulees (hills) about 3 km from home. Zack was having a blast off the lead and I think we were both enjoying the warm weather.

 It then occurred to me that as it was so warm the rattle snakes could be out and I was in their prime habitat. They don't bother you unless you happen upon them and they are startled but I was more concerned about Zack. You couldn't see in the long grass around us so I made Zack stick to the dirt trail as we carried on. He was a good boy and just trotted along in front of me.

Then I heard a loud buzzing and there was a bumble bee I swear the size of a golf ball circling round me like a vulture. I know everyone says stay calm and they will leave you alone but when this monster got within inches of my head I lost it. I took off through the long grass doing my crazy bee dance, arms flailing letting out the occasional squeaky noises as this giant buzzy thing followed me everywhere I went. Zack thought this was a great game of chase and started barking with excitement around me - this then made me realize that I was way off the dirt trail in the long grass where there could be rattle snakes!!! Yikes, talk about phobias.

 I quickly made my way back to the trail and kept on running with Zack and the bee in hot pursuit. About 100 yards away I saw the end of the trail which opened onto an open field with clearer views and which was back away from the top of the coulees where the snakes are more prone to be. I stopped running and caught my breath and gave Zack a quick cuddle and then we started on our way home. It was a calmer walk after that but that damn bee came back to visit me two more times before we got home.

I am afraid to say that these incidents have happened to me before but luckily this time there was no one around to see my little mental outbursts other than Zack - and he already knows that I am completely doolally.  LOL!!!


BordoggyTerrier said...

Paaaaw bless you, eee do you know we actually had a wasp in the living room hovering around the light only couple of days ago, Mummy2Legs and the Little2Legs were asking (then shouting!) at Daddy2Legs to sort out the problem (he was very busy building lego cars at the time and ignoring everybody - as you do!) - anyway nothing was done until the wasp fell from the being of the light onto the tele remote control beside Mummy2Legs, Daddy2Legs received a kick in the back (as he was on the floor in front of Mummy2Legs with the lego), but as per the norm, (as he always drops the spiders before he gets them outside too!) he got it in a cap against said remote control, got to the hallway, wasp escaped in said hallway and its never been seen again, we are all checking our shoes in the hallway even today! - So my heartfelt sympathies do indeed go to you, well done and how brave to still be able to tell the tale of your "attack" there in such a calm, concise fashion! xxx

Posie said...

heehee Iz agree wiv barnie, well donne for being able to tell tha tail in sutch a calmm mannir! heheee! Butt letz me tell ya Lisa, dat yoo mayde ma mummer n me laff so mutch at tha thot owf yoo runnin abowt frum wun placey to tha nexst avoidern bees n snakes n cuddlin zacky! heeheehee made ower day so fanks! love pdorg xxox

marley said...

I would be laffin too but when we was out walkin last weekend and man did say me he had seen 8 snakes in our woods. These is only little UK snakes called adders, but they be poisonous none the less. They is quiet scaredy too so we probbly wont see em but typist did get worried bout Lola runnin off into the bush.