Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ups and Downs

I have been a slacker at blogging lately and Zack has been wondering what has been going on not getting his name and information out there to his blogging friends. We have still been doing our daily walks and usual doggy things and lately we went to a couple of different places and did a few hills. Ooh the ups and downs were a killer - for me maybe but not for Zacky.
As I am huffing up the hills dragging my sorry butt Zacky is flying up wondering what the hold up is.
Like a good boy tho he stops at the top and waits for me. Although I am sure if he saw another dog or rabbit or other furry at the top of the hill he would take off for sure leaving me scrambling for my life to get up the hill so I could catch him. It's definitely incentive to get up the hill quicker even if I am sweating like a dieter in a cake shop.
Going down hill you would think would be easier and it is a lot easier for sure and I did go a lot faster going down hill almost keeping up to Zacky until the two things attached to the bottom of my legs seem to attack each other and trip me when I least expected it nearly causing me to do a face plant.
Zack just loved doing the hills but his love of water and muck sure showed when we came to a large mud puddle ditch we had to cross - Zacky saw it and did a runner. He is such a wimp.
After much coaxing and ok may be a little lift from me we made it across without getting our feet muddy - well that's not true my feet were caked and Zack's were oh so clean. Crikey he's got me well trained.


BordoggyTerrier said...

GruffHello there my friends! but I don't be thinking you fully appreciate what a muddy walk can be like! With our recent downpours, I could be mainly spotted dripping in messy icky wet mud with only my adorable little brown eyes peeping out to distinguish it was my fine handsome self buried within.... Daddy2Legs has this new bike you see.... oh gosh and he has been taking me out on it through mud, forest and scrum....and I am no fan of water, honest, it's a dogs life ey! (you look so tidy, note to Mummy2Legs - sort out my furs please, I am a social disgrace!) - loving your pictures Zack, Mummy2Legs also struggles behind me and Daddy up the hills, does her good though and it's funny isn't it - ha ha!! x

marley said...

You is da opposite to me Zack. I always haz the peeple waitin for me at the top of hills...or any bit of the walk come to that. I got my snooter into every smell so I dussnt be very quick gettin round. My eart is bad enuff now that dad haz to carry me up steep hills cos it is too much for me.