Monday, May 28, 2012


Yesterday we held a BBQ at our house for Pete's fly fishing club. Of course it was pouring rain and cold so we ended up with about 15 people in our house including 5 kids instead of outside in our garden and warmth.
It was quite the tight squeeze and I think there were so many people Zacky didn't know who to jump on or give kisses to. He kept an eye on everyone and wiggled his way around their ankles until he got some attention.He found the kids were great all squirmy just like him.
Luckily all our guests were told not to feed Zack cuz of his belly issues so he didn't get any burgers or goodies but it wasn't for lack of trying!!! Zack had his kong toy stuffed with his own treats to keep him occupied and after chomping and trying for ages to get all of them out he eventually went over to our friends bare foot and chucked the kong on it, she let out a screech as it hurt and Zack looked up at her with his wet whiskers and then let out this rip roaring belch - it was so friggin hilarious. He is the bomb at parties LOL!!!


BordoggyTerrier said...

Knew you were a party animal! - for it takes one to spot one you see! Those 2Legs so rely on us 4Legs to show them how to have the best time - I am great on the trampoline you know - can you dance? I'm there - lets party on! x

BODIE said...

Ah you can't beat a good burp. Shame you couldn't score some sossiges though.