Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's Good but not so Good

When Pete went fishing recently out at Police Lake he met another guy out there fishing on his boat and lo and behold he had another border terrier!!!! The owner couldn't believe Pete knew what type of dog it was until Pete told him we had one too!! (Border Terriers are very rare where we live). Pete said she was so cute until he was told she's a cat killer - killed four of their cats so far !!!! Yikes I was horrified when I heard that as Zacky loves his little feline friend (well not so little LOL). I know terriers will be terriers but if she killed one cat you would think the person would be more careful the next time eh. Geesh
Yep just keep chomping the on the chuck it ball there missy and not so much on the cats!!!
It was good to see another border terrier but not so good to find out she is a multiple murderer.


Posie said...

oooh butt shee iz soo pretti, yoo wudint have knood it!! Iz downt likkey catts veri mutch butt Iz onli evir want to chasey dem, Iz koodint eeted wun! Nope, nutt me! heehee!, love n likkeys, pdorg xox

BODIE said...

I think the urge to chase just takes over so if you have a cat that isn't dogwise and runs then the chase/hunt is on. Our Ash was one very dogwise cat. I think another cat would be fine with Bodes but if it ran I think Goo just has to chase. I just woulnd't get another cat.

BordoggyTerrier said...

I do think part of a Brilliant Border's charm can be good training, gruff respect and restraint when situation calls - but then, that, against a millenia of instinct? Hmm, not sure....though wouldn't have subjected Cat no 2 and 3 to the same fate..... Gotta say though, I dare not kill Daphne the cat (couldn't anyway, well have you seen how fast she is, and her claws, ouch!) - she'd have my guts for garters so she would!

marley said...

Is probably wot the dog be used to . If she grow up wiv cats she treat em wiv respect but if not then is mebbe trubble ahead. Nice to haz a pal tho....even if you cant invite her home.